Bulletin n°43

February is the month when – especially during the first ten days – we celebrate two great events in the life of the Good Father and his spiritual Family.

The first is obviously the anniversary and celebration of the Miraculous Benediction of 3 February 1822. The memory of this extraordinary gift from the Lord invites us, above all, to THANKSGIVING but it also can and should be a call to enter more and more deeply into his MESSAGE.

God’s blessing is closely linked to  MISSION … as we can see from the beginning of the Bible (e.g. Gen 1:28; 12:1-3; 28:1-4).

In this sense too the blessing that Jesus gave his disciples before the Ascension is very significant (Lk  24 : 50-51…).

God is continually coming into our lives with God’s blessing so that we can bring it to others wherever we go as  disciples.

As a Christian, am I aware that I am sent into the world today with the power of God’s blessing ?

How do I see the call to transmit the gift of this blessing ?

Another great February event is Fr. Noailles’s entry into eternal life on February 8 1861.

When we read his writings attentively we see how they reflect his great desire to be united to God and to live here on earth only for the mission.  Let us remind ourselves of some of his words :

O Jesus, my love and my only portion, grant that I may revere and love you alone. Be my strength in times of conflict, my consolation in trials and my refuge when I am abandoned by others. Be my all, in this life and in the next!”

Spiritual Guide for Today, 158

While he was still young, during his priestly formation, he noted,

 „It is important also that I should be zealous in fulfilling my obligations /.../  We must be ready to die at any moment in the service of God.”   Rule of Life, 1819


In our everyday life we often feel powerless and we look to the power of God because nothing is impossible for God  (Lk 1:37).

Fr. Noailles also encourages us to abandon ourselves to God with confidence :

 “We receive everything from God and we can do nothing without him. Whoever we are, great or small, we are weighed down with miseries and we need to ask. God commands us to do so, Ask, and he adds, and you will receive. This comforting hope encourages us and makes it easier and lighter to carry the burden of our needs!”

Spiritual Guide for Today, 145

 So we remember the prayer to obtain graces through the intercession of the Venerable Pierre Bienvenu Noailles:

God, our Father, who put into the heart of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles the grace to surrender himself unreservedly to your love, and inspired him to found a Family modelled on that of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, grant us to live according to the same spirit for the extension of your Reign and your greater glory.

Grant also that we may rejoice in the Glorification of your Servant, the Venerable Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, and grant us through his intercession …

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



I must thank the Good Father because he has helped me during very painful times in my life. I had lost my sight and had been told that I would not regain it fully.  I prayed to the Good Father ; a doctor operated on me and the surgery was successful.

On another occasion I had a serious fall and was in great pain as a result. All the doctors as well as my family advised me not to have surgery because the situation was very delicate. Once again, I prayed through the intercession of the Good Father.  The operation was difficult but I felt the presence of  PBN and I am almost completely cured.  Thank you Good Father.

                                               Signed: M.  Italy