The idea of changing the logo for our Information Communication Service began during our last Information Communication meeting, held in May 2018 in Rome.

A logo has to make an impression; it should be deceptively simple, and instantly recognizable. Therefore, we decided to take our inspiration from the Holy Family crest, which is already well known and widely used.

The design:

In the centre, as in the original, three leaves of the shamrock symbolize the Holy Family: Jesus (blue), Mary (silver/white), and Joseph (sable) with a purple stem. The shield is formed from the God Alone Cross on the left, representing our spirituality, and on the right, a branch with five leaves symbolizing our five vocations. At the bottom, is our motto “Gloire à Dieu Seul” The treble clef intertwined with the cross signifies that ‘each has its own song but all merge into one voice’ to sing in perfect harmony, “Glory to God, Glory to God Alone”.