The Association of the Holy Family founded by the Venerable of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles in 1820 in Bordeaux (France) is an international Association comprising five Vocational Groups. They live the same spirituality of loving, seeking and desiring God Alone according to their own specific Vocation; their model is the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  They all share the common mission of promoting communion at all levels in our interconnected world.

The Religious Institute includes Apostolic and Contemplative Sisters.  All the Sisters make the vows of obedience, chastity and poverty and live in community.

The Apostolic Sisters

There are communities of Apostolic Sisters on four continents.  They carry out the common mission of the Family through their involvement in a variety of ministries.  They have a special concern for poor and marginalised people and in recent years have been very involved with “people on the move” in many countries.   They also promote care for our “Common Home” and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things within the context of the New Story of the Universe.

The Contemplative Sisters 

There are four communities of Contemplative Sisters on three continents.  They lead lives of prayer and contemplation in silence and solitude and are semi-enclosed.  They are a prayerful presence in the Family and the world and carry the cry of the poor and the groaning of our Planet in their heart.


Consecrated Seculars

Consecrated Seculars are single women who make vows and live in their own homes without any outward sign of their consecration.  They pursue their own professions as individuals.  They also have regular meetings

They support themselves financially and make provision for their own future.  They also contribute to a central fund. Their vocation is to promote and witness to Christian values quietly without being any different outwardly from anyone else – to be a leaven in society.   Externally, their lives change very little when they make their commitment.  There are groups of Consecrated Seculars on four continents.

Lay Members

These members are women and men, married and single, who make a commitment to live the spirituality and mission of the Holy Family.  They meet regularly for reflection, prayer and mutual support.  They are usually very active in the life of the parish.  There are groups of Lay Members on four continents.

Priest Members

These are diocesan priests who remain under the authority of the local Bishop and make a commitment to live the Holy Family spirituality and mission. Wherever possible, they also meet regularly.   There are Priest Members on three continents.

Members of all these Vocations come together regularly at national and international meetings to reflect together, to maintain bonds of unity and to promote the Family of Fr. Noailles.