International Day of Families (15 May 2020)

International Day of Families proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993, is observed on 15 May every year. Family is the core of any society.  It is within a family that all of us have grown and become who we are today. And so we have reason to celebrate the gift of ‘family’.

We live in a world where many families are scattered, broken, wounded because of socio-political, economical reasons, above all, because of unloved.

Today, with the situation of COVID19, some families are privileged to spend more time together while still other have to live apart because of their generous services to humanity. We remember all of them with gratitude and love.

At the start of Mass on Friday (today) of the Fifth Week of Easter, Pope Francis turned his thoughts towards families. “Today is the International Day of Families. Let us pray for families, that the Spirit of the Lord - the spirit of love, respect and freedom - may grow in families,” he said.

We as Holy Family, pray on this special day, for LOVE and UNITY within the nuclear family, the human family and the whole universe family.