A new apartment in Monte Trina Rome (Italian Unit)

19 September 2020, another historical event marked the story of Holy Family sisters of Italian unit. The community of Monte Nevoso, Rome has finally moved into a new house – a small apartment- in Monte Trina Rome. 

At first, the house in Monte Nevoso was occupied by the prison chaplains and was sold to the Holy Family sisters in 1976 and since then it belonged to the sisters of the Holy family of Bordeaux.

The decision of selling this house was planned when Italy was part of the European (Reseau) Network, together with France and Belgium since 2006. Italy became a separate Unit again in 2018. So what was already planned was realized by the present Unit Leadership team.

On the day of the inauguration of the new house, sisters from Italian unit and members from the Generalate community together with Eithne Hughes, member of General Leadership Team participated in the simple ceremony organized. 

Three sisters from Italian Unit will experience, living together in this new place. The gathering had a small prayer, blessing of the house and a delicious aperitif. At the end feelings and sentiments of gratitude were put into words by the community members, Unit Leader and the Bursar, and finally, Eithne Hughes on behalf of the GLT briefly addressed the small gathering.  

A simple, joyful and family experience!