During the last few months, two events that particularly captured our attention took place in France. These were: The Congress of Priest Associates at Martillac and, at almost the same time in Lourdes, a meeting of lay people and religious, members of a large diversity of Spiritual Families... Read more
A NEW HOLY FAMILY COMMUNITY IN AN AREA OF HIGH IMMIGRATION THE REGION OF NIJAR IN ALMERIA The region of Nijar, made up of three villages, is one of the most extensive in Spain. There is a population of about 30.000 inhabitants registered and to that number one can add several thousand people who... Read more
"Genesis affirms that the world was created by a personal God who is good and who loves his creation. God's injunction to humankind to "increase and multiply and have dominion over the earth is not a licence to exploit creation. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR EARTH ? I n the beginning God created the... Read more
Our sisters from Schefferville, Martha Groffen and Lieve Bosmans leave the Canadian Great North… Some months afterwards, they recall their experience... In the valleys, protected from the harsh northern wind, grow larch trees and birches. During the month of October it is as if all the sunlight is... Read more
THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION FOR GOOD HARVEST India is a land of many religions and innumerable languages. It is more appropriate to describe India is a land of many festivals that signify her rich heritage and cultural past. Pongal is one such Indian festival that is celebrated with pomp and vigour... Read more
In 2004 the Prioress of the Sisters Deaconesses, Sister Evangeline, expressed the following wish to the Major Women Superiors of France: “Wouldn’t it be yet another sign if some catholic religious joined us to live an ecumenical experience? Giving a common witness would be a fine sign of hope in... Read more
On 27 th January 1997, three years after the terrible genocide five Holy Family Sisters arrived in Rwanda to found a community in Rushaki in the diocese of Byumba. They arrived amidst a people that had been decimated not only by the genocide but by the flight of so many to neighbouring countries,... Read more
On 9 th April it will be two months since our sister Anaclet A’Kattar answered the call of the Father. Time has strengthened her presence among us. It is another kind of presence perhaps stronger than physical presence. This we can gather from some of the testimonies of those who were close to her... Read more